Affiliate Program

Program Overview

Welcome to the Affiliate Program of No 1 E-juice website from Malaysia, the most profitable E-juice affiliate program.

Frutta Flava is proud to offer a great affiliate program so that you can get a little extra from your e-juices.

You can make money from our e-juices simply by hosting a page banner or text link on your blog, social media website, or even just through sharing with friends looking for good e-juices.

Should an e-juices purchase be made after visiting using one of your links, you will pick up of that 10% sale as commission.

How our Affiliate Program Works

Apply in ten minutes or less and get started promoting our products. Once your affiliate account has been approved, you will receive an affiliate URL to post on your site. Also available immediately will be beautifully attracting banners in many standard sizes just right for your needs. Contact us for a more specific size and we would be happy to custom create your dimension needed. Place the banners on your website and watch the income flow in. When someone clicks on your link or banner, they will be forwarded to our website. If a customer purchases our product, you will receive 10% of the sale price, and you will receive 10% of the sale price of every subsequent order your referred customer places for the next six months.

To track your commissions, simply log in to your affiliate control panel and check your stats. You will automatically be paid monthly via Paypal on a monthly basis.

Why join Frutta Flava?

Malaysia E-Juices in our web are manufactured to the highest standards of the world and most favourite and well known juices around the world. That why we now a 2nd biggest vapers in the world and will keep growing.

We always have the most innovative and newest e-liquid in the industry. Now, with our Affiliate program will help you make cash on each and every sell. This is the industry’s best Vaping Affiliate program. 

Why choose Us?

1) We ship our products to (Australia, US, Europe, Russia) high demand and also around the World.

2) We offer 10% commision of every sales

3) Cookie duration up to 180 days!

4) High sale convention rates

5) Dedicated in-house affiliate marketing team to help you earn BIG

6) Pre-made Affiliate banners for easy marketing & also you can creat your own banners soon.

7) No sale Limits on what you can make

8) Your money will be paid out via Paypal monthly once your commissions exceed more than $25

Please review the affiliate agreement prior to signing up. NOTE: Signing up for the affiliate program constitutes acceptance of the terms defined within the affiliate agreement.

So get started as an affiliate today, and get paid