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Our Vape team Frutta Brews & Our Local Partner from Fantasi, Bangsawan, Horny Flava, Nasty Juice, Fcukin Flava, Lassi Juice & Cloud Niners are always trying our best to creat our best flavours from time to time...
We will add more selected local brand e juice which is the best in our country.
Of course our flavour are highly premium e-juices...
That's why our flavour have a crazy delicious taste for your daily vape juices...
Properly blend to make sure the taste and quality are well preserved....

Bangsawan is an exciting old name in the vaping world. This company having quickly separated themselves from the crowd, thanks to their unique, fresh and tasty flavour combinations.
The success of Bangsawan has come from their versatile ability to mix different flavour combinations together in an explosion of deliciousness.
If you’re after a refreshing hit which tantalises all the senses, you’d be wise to add one of these bad boys to your basket. Don’t hang around. Try Bangsawan for yourself today. You won’t be disappointed.

Love the cool refreshing taste of Fanta? Hopefully the answer to that question was a ‘yes’, because this ground-breaking Malaysian e-liquid provides vapers with flavours reminiscent of the famous fizzy drink.
Frutta Flava only stock the best products, so you know you can trust us when we say Fantasi are one of the most delicious-tasting e-liquid suppliers around.
With that in mind, now’s as perfect a time as any to try out this incredible flavour-burst for yourself, with all three of Fantasi’s e-liquids currently on sale for all our loyal customers.
You can choose from Grape, Orange, Apple or Mango. Also have in Ice version( more cool) – with each one offering its own unique style and personality for your vaping needs.

Nasty Juice
Nasty Juice are a Malaysian e liquid Vape company who have risen to prominence across the globe thanks to their wonderful blend of exotic and fruity flavour. With a fruity low mint series seeing traditional flavour combined with a mild undertone of mint, vaper are provided with a smooth taste and texture, which also packs a real punch.
Their mantra sees them focus attention on all aspects of the product – ensuring the taste, feel and even design of the packaging appeals to the consumer. As such, it’s perhaps unsurprising Nasty Juice have pumped out such aesthetically pleasing and delicious e-liquids since their inception. Their notoriety has risen as a result of this, with brand quality shining through.
Even the components which make up the products themselves are a cut above, with food-grade aluminium containers used to guarantee the juices stay in top condition at all times. Fragrant clouds and amazing tastes on both the exhale and inhale are a testament to this, with the e-liquid remaining fresh regardless of how long it’s been kept in storage.

Fcukin' Flava
Here at Fcukin’ Flava our aim is simple, we are committed in producing e-liquids with fresh fruity flavours that will definitely be your All-Day-Vape juice. We’re courageous enough to claim ours as Premium Crafted Liquid because our ingredients came from the US and delicately made by hand in a small quantity at times to make sure the taste and quality are well preserved.
Proudly Made in Malaysia. We’re definitely trying our best to improve our flavours from time to time, reviews and critics are most welcome. Thank you very much and Happy Vaping!

Horny Flava

Horny Flava are an up-and-coming company who have burst onto the scene with a bang in the past couple of months. Using food-grade products and high-quality nicotine, this Asian company have promptly gained a lot of fans.
It’s this popularity which has encouraged Frutta Flava to invest in them – with Horny Flava earning a spot as one of our latest (and greatest) manufacturers.
This unique product comes in 3 flavours, Horny Apple, Horny Mango and Horny Strawberry. Neither of them need much explanation, but we can wholeheartedly say these fruity treats certainly pack a punch.
We’re aware this audacious brand is a little out there from a marketing perspective and that’s reflected in the vibrant pink, red and orange they choose to decorate their bottles in. Exciting themes, mouth-watering flavours and vibrant designs.

Lassi Juice
Brewed from high-quality ingredients. Scrupulously sourced to meet British and European standards.
They are expertly blended by our Mixologists in a controlled laboratory environment.
As a result every e liquid boasts consistent, perfectly balanced, rich and long -lasting flavour.

Proudly Made in Malaysia...

Thank you very much for supporting us and Happy Vaping!