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Fantasi Grape & Grape Ice Review
Horny Strawberry by Horny Flava Ejuice / E-liquid Review
Horny Flava Ejuice / E-liquid Review
Horny Flava e-liquid review
Fizzy wild berries review
AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant  Ejuice E-liquid review
Fantasi Ejuice E-liquid Vape Tricks by Wan Natasha Malaysia
Fantasi Vape Tricks by Wan Natasha Malaysia
Fantasi Liquids at Vapecon Kuala Lumpur 2017
Best E-Liquid, E-Juice and Vape Juice 2017
If you are a beginner, advanced or experienced vaper, then check out some of the juicy e-juice brands below. We have selected e-juice vendors to meet everyone’s budget and needs for the daily perfect vape.
Bangsawan Strawberry Apple Review
Bangsawan Strawberry Apple e-liquid is a combination of Strawberry with tropical apple flavor. It have add cooling effect inside the flavor
Nasty Juice Slow Blow Review
Nasty Juice Slow Blow has been my favourite liquid for a while, its meant to taste like pineapple lemonade with a menthol kick, which is just amazing and the menthol hides the nasty nicotine flavour you get from some liquids and its just so smooth and refreshing
Fantasi Orange and Fantasi Mango Ejuice E-liquid review
The orange flavour is not sharp at all and is just the right amount. This is like drinking an orange drink, Juicy, ripe mango. Thats what flavour I get from this one. All I can say is delicious.
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